By Nicola Rodda

Road To Nowhere

Book 1 of the Transition Series

Geoff Foster is a teenager like thousands, approaching his final school exams and hoping to go to university. Unlike many of them, though, he faces two complications. Firstly, he is disabled, with limited control of the left side of his body and prone to health problems. Secondly, his family is falling apart. The combined effect pitches him into a turmoil of confusion, fear and illness that threatens to destroy him. Set in South Africa in 1990, this story tells of Geoff’s struggle to find his road and his direction in a life that seems destined to go nowhere – to learn to trust in friendship; to believe in himself and in his dreams.

Self-Publishing Author

Nicola Rodda

I am Nicola Rodda. Author by second career (my first one was as an academic in life sciences). I previously published my work under my pen name, Nichola Rhys. In December 2020 I stepped out as a freshly minted self-publishing author, using my own name instead of my pen name. Terrifying and exciting at the same time. 

Road to Nowhere is my first novel. It is the first in a series of three books, called Transitions, which – as suggested by the title – is about life transitions among a group of friends.  I am working on the second in the series as well as working on a new book, called Forever, which tells the story of an adoption, and I have several unpublished children’s books and short stories. 

So, please, grab a cup of and join me on my new journey. All I can promise is that there will be lots more to come!


“Nicola’s Road To Nowhere serves to encompass the helluva life that can result from being born disabled into a family that thinks it’s gonna work, and living with the self-blame because it doesn’t. In this Nicola succeeds, drawing on her own personal experience of being in a “shoot me, I’m worthless” state of mind, and of seeing such a mindset mirrored in the attitudes and the actions of those she has to take care of, and from general observation of people around her.”  


Up Coming Writing Projects

All of You

Book 2 in the Transition Series

All of You follows the central characters from its predecessor, Road to Nowhere – Geoff with his disability and the outer and inner hurdles that creates; his younger sister Megan, with whom he shares a troubled childhood history; and Ian, who becomes Geoff’s first real friend but who aways remains slightly reticent about his own past, despite their close friendship. Road to Nowhere explored Geoff’s emergence into an independent life and independent identity as a student. All of You is based ten years later, in the early 2000s, as Geoff, Megan and Ian work to establish themselves in their adult lives. Each of them is held back from finding the love they crave by a deep, personal secret – a sexual secret – stemming from their younger lives. All of You follows their individual and interlinked paths as they search for what seems unattainable to each of them: unconditional love. Along the way they meet two fellow travellers on their own paths of healing. Together, the five come to form the closest thing that Geoff, Megan and Ian have ever known to being part of a true family.

All of You front cover FINAL 2 Oct 2022

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