Life is a test for every human being, and it is an opportunity for each one of us to seize as we see fit. We have the option to be in life only as a passive passers­by, or to leave behind us a trail for others to follow. We are in this world as guests, and as guests we can choose the impression we leave behind us. We can make something beautiful in our time here. With kindness in our hearts, we can reach a higher plain of being for ourselves and leave behind us a better existence for others. Do not turn to judge the past, whether there was good in it or bad. Our present is now. If we choose, we can live our now so that everything we build in it brings something of value to us and to those we meet on our journey. It remains instilled in pure souls. Those who sow goodness among their fellow travellers are those we seek to admire and follow. Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes that painful reality hits us at an early age. This is the nature of life. When we have known pain, we will not recover without pain. We will not learn without making mistakes, we will not succeed without failure, and we will not love without losing. Life is a meeting without an appointment and a separation without a reason. It is ours to choose: do we make the appointment one on which to build a better future; do we see the separation as a door to healing? Depending on our choice, we can create a journey of goodness and beauty, no matter what life brings us.

The owl, with her wisdom, solemn beauty and soaring flight on silent wings,
leaves us a symbol of the significance of life’s journeys
and prompts us to reflect on how we chose to live our own personal journey.

Copyright text: Nicola Rodda and Ramsey; Copyright image: Ramsey

The featured image is that of an original piece crafted in silver by Ramsey.